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ebay international shippingIncreasingly, more British people choose to live and work or retire away from home in other countries throughout Europe; and these British expatriates usually wish to continue using those items and brands they are accustomed to and trust.

Nowadays, due to the internet, that is possible; and many British expatriates turn to eBay UK for their online shopping. This website which has established itself as an online trading leader offers an impressive diversity of products to its customers, and is now one of the most popular online traders with millions of customers located globally.

Many of its international customers are British people living abroad. There are various reasons why British expats living and working in Europe choose to continue sourcing from UK shops.

Most important is the question of familiarity, preferring  to remain faithful to those UK shop brands which they trust and which guarantee them excellent quality, value and durability. Another reason is the greater choice of merchandise available in the UK as compared with most other countries in Europe.

There is also the question of perceived value as most goods bought in the UK represent better value for money. There is, however one problem which prevents British expats from carrying out more of their shopping from eBay UK, and it is that, although some sellers in eBay UK are prepared to do international deliveries to British expats in Europe, most eBay UK sellers do not offer ebay international shipping.

If a customer  needs  items which they would like to buy  from the eBay global site delivered to wherever they live in Europe, but the eBay seller will not deliver outside the UK, then the customer should go to the website expat shopping directory.com

This website’s intention is to help British expats who need items from any UK retailer, including the eBay global site, delivered to their new country in Europe, when the retailers will not deliver all of their products to Europe.

We have hundreds of UK shops listed in our shopping directory and they all deliver to you in Europe and some even deliver to the rest of the world.

More and more UK retailers, including eBay UK  are starting to  deliver larger products to Europe, for example, large and heavy items like white goods in the line of washing machines and refrigerators, television sets, large furniture items, garden furniture including sheds etc.

Through this great website, it is now possible for British expatriates living elsewhere in Europe to enjoy other alternatives when buying from the UK and have their  ebay purchases delivered by international shipping to their home in their new country in Europe.

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