free worldwide shippingAre you living abroad and missing your favorite UK shops? The Expat Shopping Directory lists all the British shops that are willing to ship anywhere in the world, no matter where you’ve decided to live.

Moving has to be the single most stressful event in a person’s life, and learning a new culture can add to it. Having a source where you can find your favorite products and goods from the UK will make you feel like you really haven’t left home.

Unfortunately, many online stores charge for shipping from the UK to another country, and it can become expensive. That’s why is so great–most of shops they list don’t charge for international delivery.

Free worldwide shipping makes your shopping choices easier. Why pay for shipping when there are many online stores that will give you free shipping? Your money will go further when you can save £10 to £20 on shipping costs.

It can be frustrating finding the items you need in your new country. Most likely you had to leave most of your personal belongings behind.

You may have chosen to buy all new household goods once you’d moved into your new home. But you hadn’t realized how hard it was to find exactly what you needed to make yourself feel at home.

Have you been having difficulties finding exactly what you want in your new country? There may be products that you’re missing, or ones that you prefer, but you can’t find them anywhere.

Your only resort is to order your magazines, candy, or favorite clothing brands directly from your favorite UK shops. Free worldwide delivery can definitely sweeten the deal.

At one time an expat would have been out of luck if they’d left the country. They’d be in their new country and would have had to say goodbye to their favourite products.

They would have had to adapt to the products of a new country. Larger cities may have a Brit shop but often they charge exorbitant prices for candy, food, and souvenirs. And often the candy is stale by the time it reaches you.

With the internet now, and online shopping, you can place your order today, and have it delivered in less than two weeks to most spots in the world.

You don’t have to settle on last year’s leftovers when you can have new items delivered straight from Britain.

Ordering directly from British shops means that you’ll receive products that are fresh and new. You’ll never have stale jelly babies.

Your No 7 cosmetics won’t be expired. You’ll be able to keep up-to-date on your soaps. You can receive the latest newspapers or magazines and they won’t be two month’s out.

Visit the Expat shopping directory today and save money on free worldwide shipping to any location in the world.

When your brand new items arrive in the mail it’ll seem like you are visiting Britain once again, even if it’s for only a little while.