Debenhams international deliveryUK retailer Debenhams international delivery is offered to 66 countries. Delivery charges range from £7 to £15 on orders under £50, and Debenhams’ free international delivery worldwide only applies on orders over £50. Items are generally delivered between 5 and 14 days from the time the order was placed.

Debenhams’ European delivery encompasses locations such as Andorra, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein and San Marino as well as the bigger European countries like France, Germany and Spain. However, unlike some retailers, there is no delivery option for Eastern European countries including Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary or the Baltic states. Many of these countries have franchise operations of their own so expats in these locations should consult the Debenhams website for further information.

Debenhams’ international delivery destinations include much of the Caribbean, the British and US Virgin Islands, plus many countries in South America. Debenhams helpfully provides buying guides for their clothing ranges, which give information on the various ranges, how to obtain accurate measurements and the specialist vocabulary used in each section.

Debenhams’ international shipping does allow returns, but it’s far easier to get the choice right first time. Gifts which show thought, preparation and research are treasured for the thought as much as for the item itself.

Debenhams international delivery covers all the items on the website, and for queries there is a telephone helpline as well as an email assistance option. Severe weather and other factors outside the company’s control may affect deliveries, but for many other questions, the telephone helpline is open between 8am and 11pm GMT during the week and 8am to 8pm over the weekends.

Debenhams’ international shipping has its own dedicated website where buyers can specify which language the site should display in as well as the currency in which they wish to make payment.

The well known Blue Cross sale items are also available for international customers to purchase and the bargains on offer are some of the best ways to furnish a new home cheaply or find an unusual gift for someone special. Be aware though that items sometimes arrive with the price label still attached.

With Debenhams’ European delivery you can have timeless, quality items shipped to you for very little more than it would cost a family member from home to send them via Royal Mail.

The advantage is that they will be properly packed, have all the correct labelling and the only thing you may be further liable for is customs charges where these are levied by the courier.