Buy From Amazon UK and Other Amazon Europe Websites like Amazon Spain & Get Fast Delivery in Europe Today..

amazon spainEnglish speaking expats living in Spain,Portugal ,France,Germany.Denmark,Cyprus,Belgium,The Netherlands and the rest of Europe, now have much more choice when buying online products from the UK for delivery to their homes in Europe.

They can now opt to make the Expat Shopping their one stop shop, by checking out our site as we have a wide range of UK shops including Amazon UK and Amazon Spain listed in our shopping directory who all offer international and worldwide delivery to lots of countries like Spain, Portugal ,France,Germany.Denmark,Cyprus,Belgium,the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

Our company, Expat Shopping, has identified and filled a gap in the international online shopping market, as, although today there is a wide range of goods and services traded on internet and the fact is that there are very few things which can’t be bought and sold online, many British people living abroad were having problems having items they bought online delivered to their European country of residence.

One company which is almost a household name is as it boasts millions of customer’s worldwide and most British people are familiar with the website. Because many British people live abroad and they would like to continue using their favourite items from the UK, they continue buying from Amazon UK or Amazon Spain for instance if they live in Spain, once they move abroad.

To the surprise of many of these Amazon UK  customers now living in Spain, Portugal  France,Germany,Denmark and the rest of Europe who continue purchasing from the Amazon site while living abroad, there are many things Amazon will deliver internationally

i.e,furniture, beds and large TVs or Light Bulbs and TV Equipment, Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery and Watches; Sports items, Games and Toys; Electronics, PC and Video Games and Software Items; DIY and Tools; Baby Products; Musical Instruments; Home, Garden and Pet Supplies and Health and Beauty items;

Although Amazon will deliver many goods into Europe, if you buy an item from an Amazon UK or Amazon Spain marketplace seller, you may find some of the market place sellers choose not to deliver outside the UK.

At the time of listing an item for sale on Amazon in the UK or Amazon in Spain, marketplace sellers are given the option of where they will deliver to. Some of them choose to deliver within the UK only.

When purchasing from an Amazon marketplace seller, notice whether “International Delivery Available” has been checked by the seller, in which case you may go ahead with the purchase as the seller will deliver your online purchase to Spain, Portugal France,Germany.Denmark,Cyprus,Belgium,The Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

If, on the contrary, the seller hasn’t ticked that option, the order form will give you an error message and you will be unable to complete your order, which means you will have to restart the process by starting to look for another marketplace seller who stocks that particular item and delivers internationally.

Or you will have to look for the item on another UK international shopping website but you are in luck as the Expat Shopping Directory has dozens of English speaking shops who offer international shipping so decide what you would like to buy then browse our website to find the UK shops which will deliver it to you fast like the Amazon Spain in English website.